create the SOUND
create the SOUND
You've always dreamt of
If you're an artist looking to record your music or a director looking for post production sound, look no further!  You need a studio that can help you produce a quality record fit for the radio! And you need a studio that can handle all of the necessary tasks required to edit and mix sound for tv and film! 
Band Recordng
Bring The Whole Band
We record every different element of a band individually so that we can capture the unique sound of each member.

The lead engineer is classically trained in music theory, making it easy to build harmonies and arrange music in such a way that eliminate the obstacles many bands encounter while recording. 
Vocal Recording
Only looking to record vocals or dialogue?
Whether you are a classic yodeler, hip-hop artist, Pop singer or Voice-Over Artist, we know how to make your vocals cut through any mix. 
Post Production sound
We do sound for film and TV, too
We specialize in bringing stunning imagery to life with captivating audio that controls the emotions of the listener, making the visual experience even more believable. 

If you’re looking for dialogue editing, sound effects editing or even like to have your film scored, we have you covered. They’re some of our favorite projects! 

Karli Whiteman

Mike made it fun. No pressure and adapted to my pace. I highly recommend him. I am back home in Colorado - still taking lessons with him and now finally have the confidence to step out and do some bass solos!!!

Donny P.

Mike is a highly skilled and enthusiastic instructor who works at his students individual pace to maximize his or her's learning and retention. He keeps a professional and clean learning environment and his lessons are fun and engaging.
We Guarantee
We Guarantee
You'll Love our work
We care so much about creating the highest quality recording possible for you, that we won't stop until you ABSOLUTELY love it! We can't wait show you what your project could sound like!
Let us record it right
We can't wait to start your project... 

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